Vintage 1922 Conn Gold Engraved Saxophone Artist Model

A stunning Artist Model Conn C melody, this horn has a unique custom bell engraving of a reclining cherub. Engraving is deep and sharp, and covers most of the bell. This horn is one step down from Conn's finest finish, the Virtuoso Deluxe, with the same quality of hand engraving, just covering less of the horn.

This instrument is in remarkable condition, with gleaming burnished gold on the body and keys. Some very minor speckling on the octave key and a couple of touch points is the only thing to note. The instrument is outfitted with genuine Conn Reso-Pads, which are relatively new, and in great condition. The best musician/technician in Montreal has gone over the instrument, installing new cork as needed and felts, and adjusting spring tension and pad alignment where needed. Horn is sealing very well, and playing like a dream.

The instrument is slated for a film and recording, but I am offering it early. Stay tuned for the film, which should be ready on November 11th.

Please check my other auctions for a gorgeous Buescher gold plated Alto, 1923 Conn Bb tenor in gold plate, and a special Buffet Crampon Bb tenor, completely overhauled and dating to the 1920's. Next week, please check for an ultra rare gold plated Selmer 22 alto in Museum Grade MINT condition. A sight to behold with an extensive bell engraving.

Weight: 9 kg
Dimensions: 77 cm × 25 cm × 27 cm
Price: $1,998.00
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